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Cornerstone Carpenter, Inc.
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Serving Houston Since 1992

Siding Repairs and Replacement

From major to minor, CORNERSTONE CARPENTER can replace rotten and damaged wood, siding and trim to restore your home back to its original condition and beauty. Many homeowners in Cypress, Hockley and Tomball Tx. have contracted CORNERSTONE CARPENTER for their siding repairs and siding replacement.

We also offer Hardiplank siding installation:

Hardiplank is a durable siding product that contains cement and cellulose fiber.

Prime plus factory priming system for Hardiplank.
Assure uniform topcoat applications.

The Hardiplank installation consists of the following:

  1. Remove existing siding and felt.
  2. Remove and replace any damaged studs.
  3. Remove and replace any damaged insulation.
  4. Install Ammowrap/Tyvek building wrap paper.
  5. Install Hardiplank siding. Variety of styles.
  6. Install Hardi trim at windows and corners.
  7. Siding and trim will be installed with Hardiplank approved galvanized nails.

For partial or total replacement of siding in Cypress, Hockley and Tomball Tx.  Call (281) 890-6474 or email