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Cornerstone Carpenter, Inc.
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Exterior Painting

Flaking paint ,dull finish, or just tired of your house color? CORNERSTONE CARPENTER can restore and improve the exterior appearance of your home. Proper preparation of the surface and applying quality products is required to ensure your home looks its best and restore its original beauty

Our seven step process includes:

  1. Power wash to remove dirt and grime and insure proper paint adhesion.
  2. Sand and scrape flaking paint areas.
  3. Prime all exposed wood using oil/latex base primer.
  4. Caulk where required using  silliconized acrylic latex caulk.
  5. Prepare surfaces for painting – tighten loose boards, putty nail heads and etc.
  6. Paint using quality – Sherwin Williams and etc. Homeowner to select color upon approval of proposal.
  7. Clean up.

If your home has rotten or damaged siding and trim, CORNERSTONE CARPENTER can repair those items for you. For that next outdoor painting project call (281) 890-6474 or email